Time for Tsvangirai to stand down

After 14 years of major strategic mistakes and failures, I firmly believe that Mr Tsvangirai is no longer electable and thus not worth staying with. He has contradicted just about every statement he has made and broken just about every promise he has made. The latest election failure was a predictable tragedy. It is clear now that under Tsvangirai the MDC has no capacity to revamp and rejuvenate itself, offer new and better ideas to the electorate today and well into the 2018 general election and beyond.

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Zimbabwe’s dictatorship and its impact in Matabeleland

The Zimbabwean State operates an elaborate and smart dictatorship that defines the limit of the spectrum of acceptable opinion through effective use of decidedly compromised educational and political processes. Through a comprehensive programme of calculated social and political deceit, the regime maintains public conformity, perpetuates passivity, obedience and more importantly, sustains its legitimacy by allowing for a lively debate that is carefully choreographed within a strict and narrow socio-political spectrum.

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