A society that does not appreciate the source of its problems is less likely to navigate its way out. As ZANU PF celebrates its recent ‘victory’ in the 21st Century and the opposition once again cries ‘robbery’ questions have to be asked of Zimbabwe’s democracy and why the Zimbabwean general population remains unable to command their political destiny. This article argues that Zimbabwe does not possess an actual body politic that supports power sharing.

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Lessons from the July 31 2013 Zimbabwe General Election

There are certainly no major new lessons to be learned from the latest edition of Zimbabwean general elections except that Matabeleland South has rather suspiciously become a haven for ZANU PF and that Matabeleland nationalism has yet to grip the imaginations of people from the region. Zimbabwe’s voting patterns have always reflected more ethnic relevance as opposed to other competing political factors; this was not to change significantly in this election. ZANU PF did not disappoint but kept to its perfected reputation of appropriating people’s votes as much as MDC-T continued with its strategic incompetence. Continue reading