Mthwakazi nationalism must improve on strategic coherence

Since independence, the Zimbabwean state has been systematically driving Matabeleland and the Midlands (Mthwakazi) into a socio-political oblivion. The state actively aids and abets discriminatory policies aimed at sustaining the power and privilege of ethnic Shona people, in particular Zezurus, over Mthwakazians. Socioeconomic and political power is strategically concentrated in the hands of ethnic Shona people while Mthwakazians are consigned to less glamorous supporting roles. Continue reading


The MDC-T chooses arrogance over political relevancy in dealing with the MDC

While the 2005 split of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has not wallowed out opposition politics, it has permanently re-configured the opposition political space and the way in which opposition politics is conducted in Zimbabwe. Focusing on ZANU PF alone is certainly no longer politically sufficient! There appears to be a begrudging acceptance in some quarters of the MDC-T that the party may be haemorrhaging support to the MDC particularly in parts of the midlands and the western parts of the country. Continue reading