Zimbabwe’s misfiring opposition and a dangerous politics of ethnic division

Limiting critical political focus on and identifying ZANU PF as the single most significant problem in Zimbabwean politics is an illusion that trivialises the problem and renders solutions even more elusive; it is sabre rattling conveniently meant to divert attention from the real systemic problems. Tribalism is a visible marker in the form and content of Zimbabwean politics. Continue reading


The Mthwakazi Agenda needs a better PR job!

Turning opinion polls into votes or any other form of practical political participation and rebuilding confidence in politics and politicians remain Mthwakazi nationalists’ two biggest challenges.  Although Mthwakazi nationals have a great measure of confidence in Mthwakazi independence, it would appear they are presently slightly short of good politicians to vest their confidence in.  Continue reading

Mthwakazi nationalists’ devolution headache

Last week I argued that disunity within the Mthwakazi nationalist movement did not necessarily compromise the independence agenda as much as the other competing political ideals. In particular, the vastly publicised devolution of power defined as the statutory decentralisation of powers from the central government of a sovereign state to government at regional or local level poses a real and sustained threat to nationalists.  The proponents of devolution have ramped up the perceived local empowerment potential of the ideal within Mthwakazi leaving nationalists with a real fight in their hands to prove independence was the more credible argument. Continue reading

The Rebirth of BuKalanga: an honest project or political piracy?

Debate is one of the cornerstones of thriving democracies; it may not always lead to agreement but with every debate there is growth in the knowledge base and tolerance threshold of the participants. For that reason the emergence of Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo and his pet project ‘The Rebirth of BuKalanga’ should be a welcome dimension within Mthwakazi (Matabeleland and the Midlands). Continue reading