Mthwakazi’s future must be waged and won in the public school

Mthwakazi’s future lies beyond the mere schooling of masses; it lies in the education of the Mthwakazi masses. While Zimbabwe’s education system has been good enough to empower some individual Mthwakazians, it has been equally effective in disempowering the Mthwakazi society. Mthwakazi’s acquired ignorance and not Zimbabwe’s monopoly on military resources is now the latter’s strength in maintaining its grip on the former. Continue reading


Devolution the wrong route towards Mthwakazi independence

There is an understanding among most pro-Mthwakazi stakeholders that Mthwakazi independence should not just be a goal in itself; instead, it should be the basis for meeting the socioeconomic, cultural and political challenges currently facing all Mthwakazians in the unitary Zimbabwe today; it should be the bedrock for the promotion of sustainable development, equality of opportunity as well as building good governance.  However, it is no secret that there are strategic differences among Mthwakazi nationalists – parties and interested individuals – when it comes to the route to independence.  The effect of devolution on independence has come under scrutiny from many including this author in the last few weeks. Continue reading