Pro-Mthwakazi not equals anti-Shona

There is no doubting the value of the internet on the Mthwakazi nationalism agenda. It provides for an effective route round censorship thus allows for open and heated debate on various aspects of Mthwakazi nationalism. However, the debate only becomes informative when all contributors possess a basic understanding of the subject (Mthwakazi nationalism) or those with the knowhow contribute in good faith; the ignorance of one contributor impairs the whole argument. Continue reading


Should the different Mthwakazi nationalist organisations unite?

There are increasing, perhaps justifiable, concerns about the growing number of nationalist organisations and with it a deepening division within the nationalist movement in Mthwakazi thus raising a potential strategy crisis. Nationalist pages on online social networks such as facebook have been inundated by calls for the Mthwakazi nationalist organisations to unite as they are perceived to be ideologically and strategically similar. Continue reading