Fighting for rights and freedoms of some and not others is not a worthy cause!

Just a personal thought: There is merit in the fight for rights and freedoms of people of Matabeleland but there is absolutely no justification in bashing all ethnic Shona people. There is merit in some people from Matabeleland advocating for a separate state but expecting such a state to be exclusively Mthwakazian and exclude Shona people is delusional (if not bigoted) and unacceptable. Continue reading


No power vacuum in Matabeleland!

Matabeleland lacks leaders who love the region; Matabeleland suffers from a power vacuum since the death of Dr Joshua Nkomo; the region is being disrespected by other ethnic groups. These are some of the assertions made by Mr Lovemore Moyo, a Matabeleland based senior member of the opposition party, the MDC-T. To his credit he said it openly and in the process made a little history for himself for being perhaps one of the very few new breed of post-Gukurahundi politicians from Matabeleland belonging to one of the major political players in Zimbabwe to point at the obvious neglect of the region. However, the cynic in me questions not all of what he says but the motive of all that he has had to say. Continue reading