Obsession with ZANU PF compromises political objectivity

The obsession with ZANU PF is now a subterfuge in the critical analyses of the role of the opposition in Zimbabwe’s politics. This obsession, though understandable, has become a hindrance to the objective and expansive analyses of Zimbabwean politics. Why should we spend our life-time trying to mop water in the house while ignoring the gaping hole on the roof that lets the water into the house deluge after deluge? ZANU PF does not exist in a social and political vacuum hence the pre-occupation with the party’s activities in isolation is counterproductive for the long-term political future of the country. Equal attention should be given to all the relevant variables: social norms and values and the role of the opposition in perpetuating the role of ZANU PF as a major player in Zimbabwean politics. Continue reading


Will an independent Matabeleland be the saviour?

In the 31 years of a Shona-dominated government Matabeleland and its people have persistently been the poor cousins dependent on hand-downs from their richer cousins in the north of Zimbabwe. However, the same statement can easily be true of many parts of Zimbabwe. The ZANU PF government has failed the aspirations of many Zimbabweans – young and old alike. It is however, tempting to look at the current scenario as a Shona-Ndebele paradigm both because it is a pretty attractive draw and perhaps because it is largely true. Bulawayo (in Matabeleland) is the second city of Zimbabwe after the capital Harare (in Mashonaland) yet the development gap between the two remains huge. Continue reading