The myth of political space saturation in Zimbabwe

Some Zimbabweans say there is no more room for another political party; I say there is enough room to accommodate any number of political parties. People argue that having many political parties has a vote splitting effect that presents victory to ZANU PF. Zimbabweans feel the MDC-T stands a better chance of defeating ZANU PF in an election hence deserves a clear run. I wonder if the removal of ZANU PF, convenient as it might be, is the long-term solution to Zimbabwe’s political and connected problems. Can we assume that the ‘departure’ of ZANU PF from and the ‘arrival’ of the MDC-T at State House will usher in a socio-political culture that will not be insanely resistant to political opposition, a culture receptive to ideological opposition and difference? Should the clean up of Zimbabwe’s apparent socio-political mess be entrusted on a single political party? Continue reading