Britain: Institutional racism within the mental health services…Part 1

Among other enquiries and reports, the 1985 Mental Health Act Commission’s First Biennial Report 1983-85 and the 2006 ‘Count Me In’ report (Health Commission, 2007 cited by Patel and Heginbotham, 2007) have concluded that the Mental Health services were riddled with institutional racism. It is a widely accepted reality that Black people are more than likely to be admitted to and detained in the mental health service compared to White people. Patel and Heginbotham (2007) point out that Black groups are between 3 and 5 times more likely to be admitted to psychiatric hospitals than the national average. Continue reading


Time for Africa to look within!

The legacy of colonialism has been the manifestation of a cultural inferiority complex in which modern African states look to the West for solutions to Africa’s problems. While it is true that some local problems are a result of both historical and current external events, the majority of Africa’s current problems have their source in Africa’s front door. Continue reading