Zimbabwe: the social hazards of stereotypes

In societies that have lived and evolved together through history and have, in that time developed genuine mutual respect, past stereotypes tend to be understood as such and whenever used they are for purely comic purposes only. More important, the subjects of the joke(s) do not feel bullied but fully understand the comic effect intended. However, in less socially cohesive societies the problem with stereotypes is that they can easily be mistaken for facts by some sectors of the population, including the stereotyped groups. Continue reading


Intolerance, hatred and Africa’s problematic politics!

Although there have been major changes in the socioeconomic and geopolitical landscape of Africa, the need for land ownership or control of it has remained the only key constant. Today, as it was in pre-modern history, land is an indispensable commodity for socioeconomic independence and its control remains as contentious as it was back then.

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