Disability in African society

The saddest reality in African society is the manner in which people with disabilities are treated or mistreated, to be precise. People with disabilities are, to a great degree excluded from most day-to-day activities in society. That includes fundamental activities such as attending education institutions, health, political participation, employment and housing. They are effectively on the margins of society extensively represented in demeaning activities. Continue reading


Should young people be obliged to care for their elderly parents?

In many societies across the world children provide a vital social safety net for their elderly parents and grandparents. In Africa children are a prized asset from when they are young helping out in the fields to when they are adults taking care of their elderly parents. While children would in cases look after their parents out of love, in most cases they provide the socioeconomic security for their parents because society expects them to do it. Should children be obliged to care for their parents at old age? Continue reading