What is wrong with being attracted to a person because of their wealth?

Beauty is subjective and is hardly absolute. A society may build in individuals a broader concept of beauty including what constitutes a good relationship, and these views evolve based on other societal factors. For instance, scientific evidence on health may transform perceptual views of what body size is healthy or normal and hence change our perceptions of beauty. Continue reading


An Intraracial Falsehood: Darker skin…cannot be pretty!

Black skin colour is not simply black among black people. Blackness is differentiated not only for descriptive purposes but rather unfortunately for some kind of aesthetic value, if not status. But when did black people start to categorise their blackness? There are visible physical degrees of variation of blackness and there is a perceptive importance placed on each degree of blackness. The grand question is when did black people start to place their blackness into some kind of a scale, a hierarchy of value? Beauty has to be exceptional to be seen in a darker person! Continue reading